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REF is a natural beauty brand, focused on high-performance hair products within care and styling for the conscious consumer. Reflecting the Swedish standards of purity, integrity and quality this innovative hair care brand is true to its origin and heritage in its production process and ingredients, as well as the values of the brand..

REF uses only the highest quality, natural ingredients combined with non-toxic alternatives and advanced science, to create amazing products that are good to the hair and the environment. Their products are mindfully formulated without Parabens and Sulphates (SLS or SLES), and are 100% Vegan, Gluten-free, Sulphate free and color-safe.

Simplicity, sustainability and quality are on top of their list, grasping the world’s diverse people, culture and ethical backgrounds. REF is committed to contributing to a sustainable future and pays a self-imposed environmental fee to compensate for its carbon footprint.

Founded in 2001 by Jan Ernstberger, the owner of a hair dressing chain with over 30 salons around Sweden. He had an industry insight when he noticed that only a few hair products sold on a regular basis. It gave him the idea of creating REF, which stands for Find your Reference. This enables hairdressers and consumers to find their specific reference of hair product.

The REF product assortment was based on the must-haves from established salons. Only top quality, highly requested products were created from our Scandinavian heritage and point of view. REF became an inspiring and innovative beauty brand focusing on professional haircare, taking on an international market.

“I would describe the Swedish standard as very high. Us Swedes are extremely aware when it comes to fashion, interior, health and beauty, and in front of all, diversity. I would like to poke my chin out and say that we´re amongst the best ones in the world when it comes to all this, without a doubt.”


Cleansing and Conditioning
Root Concealer

REF proudly offers products made with nature and science in perfect symmetry – for the finest quality and highest efficiency in products that simply work. The Color Preserve System combines natural ingredients derived from sunflower seed oil with the cutting edge technology of an anti-fade system. REF uses strengthening Quinoa Protein, often called the Keratin of nature, in all its products. This infusion works as a natural full spectrum UV-filter and preserves hair color for long lasting illuminating color reflection and shine. REF believes in keeping the natural beauty in your hair color.

REF Haircare Products contain vegan and organic ingredients such as murumuru butter, blueberries, acai oil and coconut oil. All products in their Care Series have unique and organic ingredients such as blueberries that neutralize unwanted yellow tones in their REF Silver Shampoo, and murumuru butter in their Repair Series to help keep hair protected.

With carefully selected ingredients in combination with innovative technologies REF will consistently be able to create and deliver high-performing and contemporary products.

REF Color Preserve System

REF is committed to beautiful hair color. They have customized a Color Preserve System for all of their styling and hair care products. These hand selected natural ingredients are derived from sunflower seed oil combined with a cutting edge anti-fade system. This infusion works as a natural full spectrum UV-filter preserving hair color for long lasting illuminating color reflection and shine.

Strengthening Quinoa Protein

The key to Natural Beauty in hair is strength. Protein is one of the best nutrients you can provide your hair as it serves to both strengthen and nourish, while also providing protection and enhancing hair’s structure Quinoa Protein offers the widest range of essential amino acids and is often called the “keratin of nature”. It assists in repair, protection, shine and conditioning. Because of this Strengthening Quinoa Protein is in all of REF’s products. The result is healthy, lustrous hair that shines.

Unique Number System

REF delivers extraordinary results with simplicity through it’s Unique Number System, which is included on all of it’s styling products. It easily defines the level of Hold, Shine and Volume.

Do you need Hold, Shine or Volume, and in what combination? The system makes it easy for consumers to choose the right product to meet their needs, while the products themselves enhance the ease of recreating salon quality looks. The code is located in the top left corner of all REF styling products.

Styling Made Easy… With 3 Simple Numbers

REF makes finding the right product for your hair as easy as 1, 2, 3. The Swedish salon formula product line is small but complete with three numbers to help you identify the perfect hair care product to meet your needs.

REF shows the identity of each product in a plain and simple way – with distinct numbers. The reference numbers describe the unique characteristics of each product.

REF reflects the Swedish standards of purity, integrity and quality. REF is true to its Swedish origin, both in the production process as well as the values of the brand.

REF haircare products are sold in 30 countries across the world. Their products are mainly sold in professional hairdressing salons, but can also be found in select high-end department stores.

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