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25 Gorgeous Ways to Style a Side Part Bob Haircut

Although the middle part has had its moment for the last couple of years, we all know that bob and the side part go together like Tuesdays and Tacos. If you feel like you want to give your hair a refresh, why not start by simply sweeping your locks over one side?

From short and blunt to shoulder-grazing wavy tresses, we’ve rounded up all of the most perfect ways to wear side part bobs.

#1: Side Part Bob with a Sweeping Fringe

Classic chin-length bob is a great style for those with fine hair. So easy to wear, this haircut looks flattering on ladies of any age, shape, and complexion – you just can’t go wrong with a bob.

#2: Wavy Bob Style with a Deep Side Part

If a simple straight bob doesn’t feel quite enough, try putting some waves through your locks. If your hair is naturally straight, use a wide barrel tong or wave wand and brush your hair through once it cools down. If you have some natural wave in it, just apply some curl-enhancing serum and scrunch.

#3: Side Part Bob with Beach Waves

What we love most about the side part is that it always looks effortless and understated. Play with your hair, throw it on one side, and voila – look like you just stepped out of the salon.


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#4: French Bob with a Side Part

So perfectly cute, this wavy bob is great for those with naturally curly and wavy hair. Of course, the core strategy in getting the best haircut for curly girls is actually finding a hairdresser who specializes in this hair texture. To achieve this look, your hair will be thinned out in certain areas, and possibly you would even need an undercut for the style to sit right.


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#5: Long Bob with a Side Part

A lob, or a long bob, looks lovely on those with thicker hair. For a going-out look, make some curls with a curling iron or tongs and simply sweep all the hair to the left or right side.


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#6: Chin Length Bob with Side Bangs

Shorter at the back and longer at the front, this classic bob gives us some prominent ‘90s vibes. Make the emphasis on the money piece highlights to create a fresh, modern look.

#7: Short Bob in Icy Blonde

Side part bobs are cute and great for framing features – this style naturally looks feminine and soft. It’s all about styling when it comes to the wavy bob. We recommend using a wide barrel curler or a straightening iron at the lowest temperature (you don’t want to end up with too tight curls!)

#8: Asymmetrical Bob with a Side Part

A deep side part is a focal point of the asymmetrical bob. As this hairstyle is normally longer on one side, the parting always stays at the same place.


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#9: Blunt Bob with a Side Part

Precision cuts are the best, especially when it comes to bobs. Immaculately straight and even, this sleek bob is like a piece of art. Yet, it’s easy to style – even a simple blowout would do the trick.

#10: Side Part Bob Haircut

A classic shoulder-grazing bob is always a good choice. This haircut is perfectly versatile and suits any face shape and hair texture. However, those with round or square face shapes would find it particularly flattering to wear this style with a side part.


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#11: Ultra Short Side Parted Bob

A simple hair flip to the right or to the left can change the whole look. This is particularly easy to do with short hair, like this pretty blunt bob cut.


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#12: Bob with Side Bangs

If you think that a blunt cut would look too severe on you, try to complement it with long wispy bangs. All the rest of your hair would stay the same length, whilst you would still have some face framing.


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#13: Collarbone Length Bob Cut with Side Part

Whether you are just dabbling in shorter haircuts or trying to grow out your locks, have a look at this effortless shoulder-length bob. So easy yet chic, it’s equally gorgeous both wavy and straight.


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#14: Chin Grazing Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Best for those with an oval face shape, uber short bob haircuts are excellent for creating a statement look. Pair this haircut with the strawberry blonde balayage and get ready for tons of attention.

#15: Blonde Parted Bob Hairstyle

We absolutely love the versatility of this look. You can wear it straight or wavy, let it part in the middle or make a side part – some subtle changes make a whole new hairstyle.


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#16: Textured and Tousled Bob Haircut

If you think bobs are always structured and sleek, this photo certainly proves it wrong. Scrunch your hair with a curl-building serum and let it air dry for a free spirit style.

#17: Asymmetrical Bob with a Deep Part

If the bob cut is your go-to look, we appreciate it might bore you over the years. Yet you don’t need to grow your hair to make a change, at least not all of it. Try to grow one of the sides longer to give your hairstyle a fresh look.

#18: Side Part Bob Hairstyle

Do you not feel quite ready for a big chop? Try this side part bob wig to get the feel of this hairstyle and decide whether you fancy the change.


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#19: French Bob with a Side Part

Curly bobs are the sweetest! Opt for the chin length to show off your long neck and complement your strongest features.


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#20: Messy Side Swept Bob Hairstyle

Try a deep side part and soft, textured waves – this type of hairstyle is great for a party look or a day out with friends. Use some matte paste and make sure you finish it with a strong hold hairspray.


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#21: One Length Side Part Bob

Simple and easily adaptable, this bob cut would suit literally anyone. If you have a round face shape, we recommend moving your parting to the side and styling your hair with a hairdryer and a round brush to add more volume.

#22: Long Layered Bob

If you love plenty of volume and hate too structured hair, ask your hairdresser to give you some layers. Yes, you heard it right – bobs don’t have to be blunt; they have to be personal and suit your preferences.


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#23: Side Part Bob with Graduation

This type of smooth, graduated haircut is great for those with naturally straight hair. It doesn’t mean you can’t have it if your hair is curly, just be prepared to use a straightening iron on a daily basis.

#24: A-Line Side Parted Bob

Elongation at the front is a perfect way to add structure to your hairstyle and make it look edgy and sophisticated. Combined with a side part and a sweeping fringe, this style would complement most of the face shapes.

#25: Layered Lob Cut

Keep most of your hair to one length and ask your hairstylist for some subtle layers around the front. This would help to refresh the dry ends, which is a common issue for blondes, and also beautifully frame your face.


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