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Micro Mist Hair Treatment

Your hair faces the elements everyday – exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and intense styling which can leave it feeling dry, drab and dull. No woman wants that – and if you color, straighten or perm your hair this only compounds these effects. Luckily, we have a solution! If you’re looking for the ideal hydrating treatment (and a stylish salon to administer it) head to PLEIJ Salon for the Micro Mist Hair Treatment. The revolutionary Micro Mist repairs and rejuvenates your hair – giving it back its strength, suppleness and longer lasting shine without weighing it down with excessive products and conditioners.

Micro Mist uses the combination of steam and ultrasonic vibrations to emit microscopic water particles (much smaller than those of any standard steamer) that permeate deeper into the hair follicles. This moisture swells the hair, allowing life-giving moisture to penetrate deeply and rapidly into the cortex of the hair shaft along with the accompanying treatment molecules to enhance their effects. Therefore, treatment products used in combination with the Micro Mist penetrate more efficiently and much more deeply, resulting in longer lasting hair color/perm, phenomenal shine, smoothness and condition of the hair for both men and women.

Using mist, as the name suggests, allows treatment products to penetrate deeper into your hair – taking the nourishment where it is needed most and effectively ‘healing’ your hair from the inside out. The treatment can be added to any of our repair and reconstructive treatments to enhance their effectiveness as the heat enhances absorption, and is followed by a cooling period to lock in moisture. The treatment will leave your hair visibly smoother and softer.

How It Works

Permeation – Deeper Into The Hair
The heated mist activates the molecular movement of treatment agents and water into the hair. The mist swells the shaft opening the cuticle. Moisturizers and conditioners are carrier into the hair with the mist.

Fixing – Set In Place
The Micro Mist circulates the microscopic molecules in the unit’s hood where precise temperature control guarantees the hair receives the treatment evenly.

Uniformity – Even Effect Throughout The Hair
The unit then cools the hair, whisking away the vaporized heat and closes the cuticle reinforcing fixation of treatment agents and trapping them inside of the hair follicles, thereby giving a strong and lasting result. The Micro Mist’s advanced cooling system simultaneously induces a very relaxing and calming sensation for the user.

See the graphic below for additional details…

The Benefits of Micro Mist Treatment

The benefits of healthy hair aren’t merely stronger, more vibrant locks, but healthy hair is easier to style and locks in color, supporting it’s longevity. Hair studies have proven that after a Micro Mist Treatment hair color and chemical processes penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. This deeper saturation makes the chemical processes last longer, and makes colors more vibrant and enduring. Used in conjunction with our personalized prescriptive in salon treatments, the Micro Mist system is the most effective treatment for colored, processed, and/or damaged hair.


While this treatment can be used by anyone, it is especially beneficial for those with problematic hair. Many have suggested that the Micro Mist Treatment is the best thing that can be done for damaged strands. For anyone looking for solution to the following hair problems or enhancement, Micro Mist may very well be the method that saves their locks.

Frizzy Hair

Those who experience frizz understand just how frustrating it can be. A slight change in the weather can cause complete mayhem for your hair and leave you feeling frustrated and insecure. Hundreds of dollars can be spent on products and services to tame the beast that is frizz and sometimes without much benefit. This treatment method is a great option for those who suffer from frizz and many have claimed that this has made a huge difference in their locks long term.

Sun damaged hair

Summer may be our favorite time of year, but it’s kind of a nightmare for our hair. While continuous exposure to chlorine, and salt water certainly takes it’s toll, the sun’s relentless rays break down the proteins in hair causing damage to the cuticle layer of your precious locks making them increasingly susceptible to increased oxidation and making your hair drier, brittler and increasing the likelihood of breakage. Even though you don’t necessarily feel this damage happening, it has real effects. Think brittleness, split ends, and dullness. If you’ve had a little to much fun in the sun and failed to cover up your locks, don’t panic as micro mist treatment combined with the right treatment can repair your hair from the inside out, and bring your strands back to life.

Color damaged hair

Most people have made little color mistakes in their lives, whether it be from coloring too many times, or from using too much bleach. It is expected to have a little breakage after a color but sometimes this can go too far when color damage occurs. Opting for this type of treatment is a great way to counter color damage and replenish the strands with loads of moisture.

Brittle hair

Those who suffer from brittle locks will understand the frustration that comes with breakage. It can be really hard to achieve a long style when ends tend to break away.

For anyone wanting to attain a longer style, choosing a micro mist treatment can really help achieve this. Chatting to our professional stylists is a great first step to deciphering how many treatments will be needed and for how long.

Fine hair

While some dream of having thinner locks, those with fine hair know the downsides all to well. It can be difficult to achieve certain styles such as braids and buns, and a pain in the winter when it doesn’t hold a curl well and often needs a bit of extra volume. Backcombing for volume, using twists, crossover sections, and rolls to add bulk all help but Micro Mist Treatments can be a great step to achieving thicker strands and alleviating these problems.

Hair Color Enhancement

Looking to boost your color service? A Micro Mist Treatment will help to enhance color penetration, lock in pigments thereby reducing color fade, prolonging the life of your hair color and enhancing overall color radiance. This service is also great for color that is looking dull and flat, or for preventing this from occurring in the first place. Micro Mist deeply hydrates hair adding life, vitality and enhanced shine for a quick fix.

Micro Mist can be combined with any of our Repair and Reconstructive Treatments as well as our Color Services to enhance their effects and extend their results. All of our Columbus Hairstylists are qualified to perform the Micro Mist Treatment, and can answer any questions you may have about this unique and exceptional service! You can scheduled with me, Leah Ingram.


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