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Why We Require An Application For Hair Color Services

You probably associate applications with two things: jobs and college. While getting your hair colored, typically doesn’t entail telling someone about your health status, any medications and/or supplements you are taking, and a little bit about your goals—hair goals, that is. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain to you why we ask our guests seeking color services to complete this applications, and how this impacts the outcome of your service. Keep scrolling to read all about it!

First and foremost, the application is not about “approval” or “denial”. We don’t like to use the word denied. If we feel that a client’s hair is severely damaged or requires a major color correction, we advise them to give their hair a mini break and recommend deep-conditioning treatments, haircuts, etc. If they aren’t willing to be as patient as we’d like, we might also have them come in so we can do a couple of test strands to see if the hair will take to the color nicely.

But rather, we implemented the application process for our color service appointments in an effort to maximize results and ensure expectations and hair goals are met. Obtaining as much relevant information as possible prior to the appointment, allows our professionals to take all of the relevant factors into consideration, to formulate a strategy to accomplish your hair color goals and achieve the hair of your dreams in the healthiest way possible. This further allows us maximize service times, allowing our guests to address any specific questions they may have before their professional gets right into their color service.

“Working at other high-volume salons and seeing how often clients come in with certain requests and damaged hair lead to the realization that we can have a much more productive consultation and generate superior outcomes by simply asking questions and gathering information beforehand,” Tiché, PLEIJ Salon’s owner and Artistic Director of Hair explains. “If I get to see your current hair and what your desired look is prior to your visit, I come to the appointment prepared with suggestions on treatments to get your hair ready, looks that might complement your specific skin and eye color and the ability to set realistic expectations for what’s possible, and the timeline required to achieve your hair color goals.”

The application entails your name, number, email address, photo uploads of your current hair color and of the hair color desired; questions about your hair’s texture and whether you intend to cover any grays, whether you are maintaining your hair color or making a change (and if you are making a change, information about what you don’t like about your current hair color), previous treatments (have you ever had a Brazilian keratin treatment, henna, or begetable dye), your plans after the appointment (is it your wedding, etc.); any health conditions, medications and/or supplements, and more.

Why do we ask questions about your hair’s texture, health conditions, and any medications and supplements you are taking? Your hair’s health and its texture impact it’s ability to hold color. If your hair is dry or damaged, it might fade quickly. Finer hair lightens faster and generally requires more gentle (semi-permanent) agents, while coarser hair is more color-resistant but can handle potent chemicals. Furthermore, some medications and other drugs affect hair’s receptivity to hair color, the most common culprits include thyroid medications, chemotherapy, and some types of hormonal medications. You should always alert your hair colorist about medication changes. But our colorist can make adjustments to accommodate your hair type, health status and any medication you are taking by adjusting your color formula and/or leaving the color on longer or washing it out sooner.

In addition to the condition of your hair, a skilled colorist will also take skin tones and eye color into consideration. While eye color tends to remain constant (excluding color contacts), skin tones typically change with the seasons and our professionals will offer recommendations and adjust color formulas based on such factors.

Now if you’ve ever been disappointed in the outcome of a hair color service after spending time and money in the hopes of reaching a desired outcome, you know it can be an emotional experience. Tiche says, “Very often we have clients coming into the salon presenting photos of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Gisele Bündchen seeking to replicate the exact look. What they often fail to realize is your natural hair color will determine not only if achieving this look for you possible, but also if it can be accomplished through a single service, or will require multiple steps.” An experienced and skilled colorist will be able to assist you in determining if your desired look is possible and how many steps will be required, thus establishing realistic expectations and helping to avoid such disappointment.

Additionally, the application process helps our professionals to determine how much time needs to be devoted to your service. For example, if the client requires a color correction, these appointments can take seven hours or longer. So you see how our application process can be helpful when it comes to booking and setting color service appointment durations, helping our guests to know how long their appointment is likely to take allowing them to better plan their day.

Learning how much thought goes into the process makes you wish every hair colorist took the time to consider all of these factors before treating your hair, however, the simple fact is most colorist wouldn’t know how to adjust their formulas to account for these which is why they don’t bother to ask.

The goal is to help our clients achieve their hair color goals, while setting realistic expectations, and the application process is one we have implemented to ensure our success in this endevour.

The color application applies to all first-time clients, any clients we haven’t performed color services on in a while, as well as those who have had their hair colored somewhere else in between hair color services at PLEIJ Salon.

In terms of how clients have reacted to the application process, Tiche says even if they’re a little bothered at first, ultimately they see the payoff in the form of the results. “While some may find it a little annoying as it does require you take 2-5 minutes to consider and respond to the questions, we don’t get many complaints. Your hair color is an investment, and the effort required to complete the application makes sense for those seeking to ensure the best possible outcome,” she explains. “I truly wish that this was mandatory, but as soon as I opened up my own salon and was able to implement it, I did.”

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