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Award winning hairstylist and salon owner Tiché Florence has over 20 years of experience as a top stylist, colorist, trichologist, platform artist, and educator. Specializing in all hair types and textures, she is renowned for providing the most natural looking hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces for both men and women (including hairskeen™). A master in the application of hair extensions, preferring a few specific and non-damaging techniques including: Natural Beaded Rows™ (NBR) Extensions, SKW Extensions, Tight-Line™ Hair Extensions, Keratin Extensions, Microlink. Micro-point, Polymer Links, Sew-Ins and Tape-Ins. Using advanced hair restoration and hair extension techniques Tiché is able to transform even the thinnest, sparsest head of hair into a lush wonderland of metaphorical fecundity.

Tiché has perfected the gradation of softly composed highlights and color corrections that many colorist are unable to tackle. In fact, this is how many clients are first introduced to her as they seek solutions to damaged hair and color treatments gone wrong. For Tiché hair is never ruined, just temporarily damaged and the outcome of her artistry is nothing short of spectacular. She has a unique and extraordinary knack for unlocking the right formulas to achieve every individual’s most natural, yet dazzling, hair color dreams.

Hairdressing is Tichés creative outlet. Her styles range from technically precise bobs to sexy long layers, men’s cuts, sleek and bouncy blowouts, effortless Updo’s and Balayage color technique. Tiché has a unique ability to structure a hair cut so that it’s adaptable, workable and lasts. She executes each look with artistry and vision, creating tailored looks that ensure every client leaves the salon feeling beautiful and confident!

Tichés artistic reach expands beyond the salon and into the bridal world. She has become one of the most sought-after stylists for brides about to say, “I do” designing signature styles, and hair designs that go along with the salon’s bridal hair accessory line. She and her team of exceptionally talented bridal beauty professionals work together to provide an intimate beauty experience for the couture bride, creating the ultimate wedding experience. She and her team have produced elegant and memorable bridal styles that have been featured in the pages of Columbus Bride, Zola, and others.

Tichés unbridled enthusiasm for sharing her wisdom, experience, and passion for the industry has placed her in front of class rooms and on the podium for some of the most prestigious hair dressing awards. Tiché not only possesses a vast amount of expertise and style but her fun loving attitude and personality are infectious.



In Addition To The Core Services I Offer (Not Listed Here), Here Are My Specialties:


Curly Hair Cutting

Asymmetrical Cuts

Long Bob (LOB)

Long Layered Cuts

Medium Cuts


Sling Bob

Blowouts & Finish

Razor Cuts

Crew Cuts

Under Cuts

Under Cut Comb Over Pomp

Slick Back

Man Bun

High Fade w/Hard Part

High Fade w/Cropped Fringe







Bright Colors / Pigments



Color Melting




Smoothing Treatments / Relaxers

Permanent Wave / Reverse Perm

Ethnic Styling

Twist Outs

Thermal Style

Natural Hair Thermal Style

Roller Set

Specialty Sets


Sew In Weaves

Malaysian Hair Weaving

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro Point Hair Extensions

Tight-Line Hair Extensions

NBR™ Hair Extensions

Polymer Hair Extensions

Hair Clip-In Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Hair Pieces


Color Corrections


Special Event Updos

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Hair Restoration

Hair Growth Factors Treatment

Hair Scoping

Hair Repair

Specialty Braiding

Boho Wave

Braided Crown

Chignon Bun

Dutch Braid

Fishtail Braid

French Twist

High Point Ponytail


I’m a huge fan of Tiché and her work. I’ve been a client of hers for 7 years and both really like and appreciate how she cares for and styles my hair. But she does even more. Due to some significant life experiences, my hair had begun to break off and even fall out in some areas. After coming to Tiché to discuss my problem, she came up with several solutions which she implemented and I followed and I am so pleased and happy with the results. My hair has stopped breaking off; it is growing strong & healthy; and my empty spots have filled in.

Besides all that, it is a pure pleasure just working with her and I always look forward to my visits. Her professionalism is supreme and her knowledge can’t be beat. I am excited to visit her new salon. From what I’ve seen and heard, it will be amazing and will offer wonderful experiences for her clients!

Margaret Early

I have been a client of Tiche for almost 20 yrs with weekly standings. Her knowledge, style, technique is the best I have experienced. I can’t say enough! She treats your individual texture of hair. When you leave her chair, nothing else needs to be done, you just walk away with a smile. Not only is she an exceptional hairstylist, her experience is versatile, AND she is just a wonderful person! I can’t wait, save my seat at “PLEIJ”.

Sheena Fennell

Pleij Salon is a step above any salon I have ever been too. The owner, Tiche, is extremely knowledgeable about everything hair. She not only is a fantastic stylist, but a complete master at color. She truly cares about the health of your hair. When I first came to her my hair was so damaged and it was literally falling out by the handful each time I washed it. Tiche saved and completely transformed my hair. My hair is now growing, healthy and shiny since I have been using Tiche’s methods for healthier hair. She has gone to great lengths to be sure all of her stylists are as quality oriented as she is. I am 100% comfortable with any of the stylists at Pleij Salon doing my hair.

Jillio R


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