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Get Rid Of Acne Naturally & For Good By Fixing Your Gut

Did you know there’s a “gut-skin” axis?  And did you know that researchers have been aware of this connection for more than 100 years?  This early work was forgotten for about 90 years, and it has only received increasing attention in the last decade.  It’s an exciting area of study, and it gives us new strategies for naturally treating skin conditions like acne (vulgaris and rosacea), psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and others.

In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser discusses:

2:24  Does the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis hold the secret to naturally get rid of acne?
8:23  The latest study validating 100 year-old research connecting stress, leaky gut, and acne
12:20  Why these ancient gut remedies also treat skin conditions
17:59  Could leaky gut be the hidden cause of acne?
20:55  How to break the vicious constipation-acne cycle
26:00  Why rush-hour traffic can cause low stomach acid, gas, and bloating
29:40  “The first place I look when someone comes to my practice with skin conditions”
34:48  The specific Gut Healing Protocol to naturally eliminate skin problems… for good
40:00  What foods to eat – and not eat – to get rid of migraines (and clear your skin)
44:12  The telltale signs you have low stomach acid… and what to do about it

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Recommended Supplements: Cod Liver Oil | PureBi•Ome G.I.

Recommended Products: Environ ß-Active: Sebuprep | Sebuwash | Sebutone | Sebugel A | Sebuspot

Recommended Services: Blue Light Therapy | Nourish Balance Thrive™

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