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Whether you’re looking to freshen up your look, make a seasonal change, or try the latest color technique, the exceptionally talented colorist at PLEIJ Salon + Spa in Columbus OH deliver stunning results. Our award-winning stylist are recognized as being some of the top creative talents in the field of luxury hairdressing. Each has been selected for their individual chic, their knowledge and expertise, as well as their commitment to the absolute mastery of hair artistry including the latest techniques and trends.

From small changes to reinventions, our professionals will assist you in crafting a look that is tailored to you, one which will compliment your features, enhance your natural beauty, and embellish your inner confidence. Whether you’re looking for cutting edge trendy or timeless beauty, our professionals will accommodate your individual needs. Our talented staff is trained to match lifestyle and comfort level with hairstyle, cut, and color.

We have developed a color menu that specializes in techniques to give you incredible long lasting, professional color tailored to the look you want. In addition to executing tints and highlights with an eye for modernity, our talented colorists are always looking to bring in different techniques to achieve spectacular results.

Our innovative permanent coloring systems use technology that is unprecedented in the cosmetics industry, including Vibrachrom™ giving hair intense conditioning, extraordinary shine, and long lasting color by penetrating more evenly into the hair structure. Hair that is damaged is porous, allowing color pigments to escape outward from inside the hair fiber. Our Color Attachment Technology contains the Keratin Healing System and Flower Shield Complex that delivers rich, vibrant color that is on level, and true-to-tone while healing damaged fibers and sealing in color. Our color systems are gentle on hair and can be formulated for Permanent, Demi Permanent, and Demi Translucent results allowing for endless options. Our systems are free of sulfates, parabens, PPD and low in ammonia-with ingredients you can feel good about. Our manufacturers maintain a green commitment by ensuring all of their products and actions support a healthy and sustainable Earth. They make every effort to minimize their carbon footprint and have firm commitments to no animal testing, ever.

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Color Retouch & Haircut

Regular maintenance of your color service for root touch up (4-6 weeks post Color Service). Includes haircut and style service.

Color & Style

A permanent coloring. Enhances natural color and adds body. Excellent for blending gray hair. Haircut not included.

All Over Color

Change it all over, or even out faded hair tones. We apply one color all over that is richer than your natural color. This service does NOT included highlights. Haircut and professional style are included. Available with or without a haircut.  

Color, Partial Highlights

Have your highlights enhanced or toned down. Our artist will expertly apply highlights to targeted and specific areas of the hair. This service is also a great option for a quick refresh of your look! Available with or without a haircut.

Color Express

A permanent color re-touch applied exclusively to the hairline. Enhances natural color and adds body. Excellent for grey coverage. Haircut and professional style not included.

Fashion Color

Fashion Color is a dramatic add-on hair color service that provides permanent color in vibrant shades to soft pastels. Go for a dramatic and bold color or add just a fun POP of your favorite hue with this trendy service. Haircut not included.

Corrective Color

Unhappy with the results of a recent color appointment, or at home box color attempt? Our professionals will help a color gone wrong and can help save your hair from a wide range of color mishaps. You’re in highly skilled hands and our colorists will work to restore your hair to its optimum color and vibrancy with expertise and precision.


Full Highlights

Have your highlights enhanced or toned down. Our artist can also target your highlights to specific areas. This service is also a great option for a quick refresh of your look! Available with or without a haircut.

Partial Highlights

Have your highlights enhanced or toned down. Our artist will expertly apply highlights to targeted and specific areas of the hair. This service is also a great option for a quick refresh of your look! Available with or without a haircut.


Balayage is a French, freehand technique that allows for a sun-kissed, natural looking hair color. The color is painted directly into the hair and is placed throughout to add depth and dimension. Say bye-bye to foils. After the color is applied, the hair is wrapped in a plastic wrap to allow it to process. 


Our ombre highlights hair service offers a chic hairstyle that gradually transitions from darker tones on the top of the hair down to a lighter tone at the ends. Subtle or bold contrast, you decide! Celebrities are in love with this hair style and we think you will be too! 

AirTouch Highlights

AirTouch is the NEWEST and HOTTEST color trend! The AirTouch technique uses air, versus teasing/backcombing, to create a seamless blend of color. The result… absolutely blended coloring with natural-looking effects, paired with soft, dimension that will survive the grow-out. 


Color Lock Add-On

Keep your color vibrant, longer! Enhance your color service with a Color Lock treatment designed to lock in color, hydrate hair and enhance overall color radiance.

Gloss & Tone Add-On

Protective treatment for your hair color which enhances shine while adding tone to natural and previously colored hair. Neutralizes previous color services, refreshing lengths and ends, and disguises up to 50% of grey hair with a blending effect. Fades naturally and beautifully over 6-8 weeks.

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