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AirTouch Balayage: What Is It, How It’s Done & Where to Get It

One of the wonderful thing about the beauty world we’re living in right now is this access to what’s happening around the globe. Even though balayage highlights might be trending in LA and NYC, it’s also trending in Paris, Dubai and right here in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we are totally connected like never before.

One thing that DOES differ among the trends is the execution and technique. Updo artists coming from Russia are amazing. Balayage lightening out of Brazil is unmatched. And we are now seeing a new color trend emerge with AirTouch highlights.

The AirTouch technique uses air, versus teasing/backcombing, to create a seamless blend of color. Attributed to Vladimir Sarbashev, the colorist takes a section of hair with tension on the longest lengths, and uses a blow dryer to push the shorter hairs and internal layers down and out of the way. Color or lightener is then applied on the remaining hair.

The result? Absolutely blended coloring with natural-looking effects, paired with soft, dimension that will survive the grow-out. And in case you are wondering and eager to try this new trend, PLEIJ Salon + Spa does offer the AirTouch hair color technique.

Not only does the AirTouch technique produce stunning natural-looking results, but it also overcomes several challenges inherent with other lightening techniques—namely, the retouch.

In a traditional retouch where the hair was backcombed or teased prior to lightener being applied, the colorist then has to use a tail comb to re-weave that section to ensure the client doesn’t get too blonde over time, or that color won’t overlap on previously lightened hair.

With AirTouch, as long as the colorist uses the same technique—tension on the perimeter lengths and using a blow dryer to push the shorter hairs or internal layering out of the way, only the new growth requires lightener—voila! Saving time for both the client and the colorist, and potential over-processing since you’re only hitting the virgin outgrowth.

AirTouch is becoming a huge success because it is different than any other highlight or balayage technique out there. The key difference is the sectioning, mostly diagonal sections, and the use of the blow dryer. AirTouch is technically starting a section, using the dryer outlining up the hair strand to blow away all hairs that are held tight in the section, and only highlighting in foil the remaining hair. It’s amazing to watch, and the results are incredibly natural!

Since debuting the technique in Eastern Europe, Sarbashev’s life has completely changed. He now has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram and teaches his technique globally.

Furthermore there are now hundreds of thousands of posts on Instagram hashtagged with #airtouch #airtouchoriginal #airtouchrussia, and other AirTouch alternatives.

This AirTouch technique is now available in nearly every salon within the country of Russia, and the neighboring countries. However, the trend is just beginning to catch on here in the states.

That said, we are beginning to see more clients bringing in #AirTouch inspiration photos from Instagram asking for the technique.

What clients love about AirTouch is its perfect blend and, as they frequently point out, it’s not uncomfortable as balayage can sometimes be as it requires zero teasing.

What makes the technique so incredibly innovative is the fact the air does all the hard work of weaving out the “baby hairs,” leaving the longer sections to be highlighted.

Then, if the shorter pieces are colored, the hair gets more depth and can create a better blend.

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