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Attractive, high-fashion salon group seeks passionate and authentic team members for a fulfilling, long-term relationship.


  • Positive, creative, & energetic
  • In love with your craft
  • Hungry for learning & skill-building
  • Interested in a career, not just a job
  • A team player



A career in skin and makeup represents an incredible opportunity to possess real practical skills with fabulous earning potential and a platform to express your creativity. A PLEIJ apprenticeship is recognized as the ultimate in industry training and offers the most comprehensive foundation available to aspiring esthetic professionals.

Our passion for skin and makeup is strong, and we’ve turned esthetics into an exciting, rewarding career—and so can you.

During a PLEIJ apprenticeship, you are carefully guided through the PLEIJ techniques. Creative Directors will teach you to build your skills to the standard expected of a PLEIJ esthetic professional while preparing you for the assessment that will demonstrate your readiness for a role on our team.

Our entry-level estheticians begin with a 12 week training program which takes their knowledge and skills to the next level. Entry-level professionals attend classes led by our Esthetic Training Team to learn The PLEIJ Way of offering and delivering extraordinary services. The program is divided into three phases, each lasting four weeks. Outside of attending core classes, the associate assists our top performing estheticians. This is where they receive hands-on education in technique, formulation, creative artistry, and communication. The associate will also have an opportunity to work on live models weekly. After the associate completes the training program and has an opportunity to work with several talented professionals they are awarded a spot on our team and begin their career!

Our Esthetic Training Team Members serve as mentors and educators to aspiring esthetic professionals and teach internally for PLEIJ as well as externally representing our brand.

During the 12 week Associate Training Program, Associates will shadow for no less than two of our Senior Esthetic Professionals, and serve as a general to learn varying approaches and techniques while building their confidence and developing their skills. 

  • Our entry-level and established hire programs are our foundation.
  • To be considered, Esthetic Professional applicants must have successfully completed cosmetology school and received a professional license from the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.
  • PLEIJ entry-level professionals receive a combination of weekly hands-on and classroom training from our Creative Team and Senior Estheticians.
  • The Entry-Level Associate to Esthetician Training Program also includes training classes provided by regional and internal artists from our outstanding vendors.
  • Once the 12 week training program is completed, a Entry-Level Associate becomes an Esthetic Professional at the Esthetician level. Our professionals are provided opportunities for advancement with our four levels of Esthetic Professionals. After fulfilling specific criteria in advanced education and training, our professionals have the ability to advance to Senior and Master Estheticians, and possibly to Creative Director. 

Once qualified, your career with us could lead to you joining our renowned Creative team, working on shows and events or adopting a management role, directing future PLEIJ Salons in the choicest cities in the world. You could also become a member of our full-time education team, helping direct the careers of others, or enjoy being a member of our creative team in a fabulous PLEIJ Salon in an exciting city location. We stand for possibilities and dreams, and give our professionals the chance to fulfill theirs.

We seek only those team members who will grow and develop with our company, and will work diligently to deliver the highest-quality services possible.

If you have the determination to succeed, excellent communication skills and endless enthusiasm, start your career with the best in the industry and join our Team.

Reasons to become a PLEIJ Esthetician:

  • Unsurpassed luxury salon offering state of the art equipment
  • High-end clientele + client acquisition and retention programs
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Retail commissions and additional revenue opportunities
  • Artistic training paid for (ongoing & consistent education opportunities)
  • Work with and learn from the top talent in the industry
  • Great discounts on products and services
  • Health Insurance available (medical, dental, vision)
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Stellar reputation & name recognition
  • Community outreach
  • Diverse career paths


  • Passion for fashion, health, and beauty.
  • Candidate must possess extraordinary customer service skills, passion for the consumer, ensuring a best in class user experience.
  • Professional / artist appearance is a must.
  • Position requires a self-motivated, detail-oriented and organized person.
  • Must have the ability to listen, be patient, multi-task, and work under pressure.
  • Ability to partner with salon team members – PLEIJ has a strong team environment and we are constantly helping each other.
  • Results: Solve problems and make smart decisions that drive sales, profit or customer service; execute your work efficiently and effectively; inspire strong performance in yourself and others.
  • Achieve and exceed goals: personal sales, Average Dollar per Transactions (ADT), Units per Transactions (UPT), Daily Totals
  • Ownership: Provide great customer service; cooperate and build positive, inclusive and respectful relationships; take accountability for your actions and outcomes
  • Intensity: Proactively find ways to improve the customer experience; show the confidence and courage to do what’s right; take action with energy and urgency

Our professionals ensure a superior client experience by determining the client’s needs and providing services ranging from a relaxing and cleansing facial experience, to creating a flawless makeup application, and even tending to guests’ waxing needs, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on guests by highlighting individuals’ best qualities. 


  • A valid license from the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology
  • Prior experience preferred but not required


8930 Lyra Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43240 United States