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Skin Concerns

What’s Your Skin Concern?

Acne & Skin Breakouts

“Skin breakouts, or acne is most commonly caused by four factors, an overgrowth of a bacterial stain called P.acne, a hormonal imbalance which can affect both men and women from puberty onwards (and is impacted by exposure to the hormones used to treat the animal products we eat, such as conventional dairy products and meats), exposure to toxins and antibiotics (toxins such as herbicides and pesticides used to treat the foods we eat, antibiotics in the meat and dairy products we eat, as well as the chlorine in the water we drink), as well as underlying food and chemical sensitivities (items such as sugar and processed foods and more narrowly dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, etc. provoking an immune stress response which in turn can wreck havoc throughout the body, including but certainly not limited to impacting hormones and general homeostasis).

Blocked pores leading to blackheads, inflammation and pimples negatively impact the self-esteem of young and old alike. The emotional impact it can have on people with blemish-prone skin can be severe. They often feel a lack of confidence in their appearance and experience a great deal of stress as a result of the condition of their skin. Fortunately, medical research has proven vitamin A to be a possible cure offering the ability to permanently control this common condition, leaving skin looking, clear, healthy and radiant.” These effects are even more pronounced when combined with a healthy diet that includes lots of organic vegetables and excludes convention meat and dairy products, as well as the implementation of a general detoxification strategy. Additional adjuncts include Blue Light Therapy, Galvanic Micro-Current Therapy, and Peels.

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