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Our Bridal Coordinators ensure you get personalized care and attention in the months before your wedding. They can recommend a beauty regimen, answer questions and schedule appointments for you and your bridal party at PLEIJ Salons + Spas, or the location of your choice with our Beauty On Location services.

As a bride you’ll be constantly communicating with multiple vendors, and it’s a tremendous relief to have a single point of contact. Our Bridal Coordinator will get to know you, your schedule, and exactly what you want out of your wedding day beauty. Event companies often say it is extremely difficult to confirm the timing of a bridal party’s hair and makeup. With our Bridal Coordinator, you won’t have to worry. Plus, your Bridal Coordinator will make every visit to PLEIJ personal. We are experts in preparing brides, bridal parties, bachelorette parties, and even a feisty mother or two.

One important note — we can come to you! PLEIJ has off-site offerings. You don’t have to leave your home or wedding venue to obtain the perfect look.

Just ask, and they’ll give you great ideas for planning a pre-wedding girls’ day, a wedding day event or a quiet spa day to help you relax before the wedding.




The guide below help will help you with your wedding beauty planning for the coming months. We can’t wait to work with you during this special time!

The Months Before Your Big Day

There’s a lot to do leading up to the big day! From meeting the parents, to engagement photos, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and finally the rehearsal dinner, blowouts are a great way to look your best. Let us help relieve some of your stress, while you celebrate with amazing style! A blowout and makeup application will make sure your bridal shower go a little smoother. Purchase a package of at least three blowouts and, you’ll receive a 10% DISCOUNT!

Speaking of hair and makeup, the best way to feel comfortable and confident about the big day is to have Hair and Makeup Trials. This ensures that you have time for adjustments before the wedding. If you are having a bridal updo style it’s best to have a clear vision of what you want. Bring pictures, but keep your expectations reasonable and in line with your budget. Many bridal magazines use hair extensions and you’ll want to take this cost into consideration if your own hair is the appropriate length for the selected style. Hair and makeup trials are a must, and don’t forget the veil, clips, and hair pieces. These are an integral part of your hair creation and you’ll want to bring these with you to your trial service appointments to ensure these are properly incorporated and if any tweaks or changes need to be made to the piece prior to the big day, there is sufficient time for this.

If you’re considering waxing for hair removal before your wedding, make sure you know how your skin reacts to any areas you plan on waxing. While potential side effects are minimal with wax, this process removes the hair at the root, while also exfoliating the skin. This provides ultra smooth, silky results but can irritate the skin for some.  For example, waxing services cannot be performed on guests who are taking Acutane, Retin-A or antibiotics due to the sensitivity these products can cause to the skin and thus you should plan ahead if you are using any of these.

If at any point wedding planning has you feeling overwhelmed… take some time for yourself and schedule a massage service. Stress can show up in your hair, skin, nails, as well as your weight. If you’re feeling stressed out, schedule a massage, you won’t regret it!

The Month Of Your Big Day

Gather your girls and let’s party! For your bachelorette party, PLEIJ Salon+Spa is the perfect partner. We’ve done everything from blowouts before a night out, to group mani pedis so you can show off your toes while floating down the river. PLEIJ also hosts bachelorette parties. For parties at PLEIJ you can even have your favorite cocktail by your side. We have a complete FAQ for any additional questions about having your bachelorette party at PLEIJ Salon+Spa.

Your hair should be cut and colored two weeks before the wedding. Hopefully you’ve gone through Hair and Makeup Trials in the months leading up to the wedding. That way we’ll know exactly what you want and how to pull it off.

The Week Before Your Big Day

Getting nervous? Take a deep breath and don’t worry. Even though the wedding is just days away, PLEIJ is here when it matters most.

For that perfect glow, get a facial one week prior to your wedding, and do a light exfoliation on your big day. This will ensure your skin will be dewy, fresh and your makeup will go on nice and smooth. If you’d benefit from extra extractions with your facial, we recommend these be done two weeks prior to your wedding day so your skin has sufficient time to fully respond to the treatment. Backless dress? Come in for a Back Purifying Treatment, an Age Management Body Treatment, or a Body Contour Treatment to remove any dry skin, smooth skin’s texture and help improve the appearance of cellulite. Remember, the skin on your face isn’t the only skin that needs to be taken care of.

Waxing or Threading on the face needs to happen at least five days prior to the big day — in the event some redness occurs, this allows plenty of time for your skin to calm down. What about Bikini or Brazilian waxes? We recommend at least 2-3 days before the wedding day. That’s the same time frame we recommend for Lash Extensions.

Don’t forget to be as stress-free as possible. We strongly recommend a massage service this week. Massage is not only relaxing, but a proven way to stimulate circulation, nourish your tissues, improve organ and nervous system function, flush out toxins, and comfort tired muscles. Take time to regenerate and restore, rebooting your body and mind to a higher level.

Your Big Day

You’ve already scheduled your final bridal hair appointment. Just show up, and we’ll take care of the rest. Speaking of “rest,” this is YOUR day. For breakfast, have your usual and perhaps drink some green tea to balance out all of that excess adrenaline.

If you feel a little puffy from the rehearsal dinner the night before, consider a LED Light Therapy Session and/or an Eye and Lip Treatment to relieve puffiness and don’t forget to hydrate! If your wedding is outdoors, apply sunscreen, you don’t want to burn before the honeymoon.

Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy this very special day!

The Days After Your Big Day

Did you notice we didn’t talk about someone? The groom. Don’t forget we offer a full range of salon/barber and spa treatments for men. Also, let’s say your wedding is on Saturday, and that flight to Cabo doesn’t leave until Monday morning. Take that first day as a couple and relax together with a Couples Retreat. It’s a great way to start the rest of your life.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Columbus Bridal Coordinator with any questions. Call 614.547.2566 to start scheduling.

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