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About Us


PLEIJ  \ pley , plā \


1. aspiring towards balance and harmony.
2. a structured and efficient way of working, never doing anything at random, always with intent.
3. knowledgeable and curious, with an eagerness to discover and understand.

1. Central Ohio’s premier salon, spa and wellness center.


Pleij is a lifestyle and beauty brand underpinned by sensory experience, self enhancement and personal wellness.

We are committed to; exceptional service, innovation and the most technically advanced services and treatments, luxurious environments and the employment of only the most talented and hard-working professionals dedicated to the continued mastery of their artistry. At Pleij Salon we set the standard for how beauty services are delivered one client at a time!


Having a unique experience is one thing, but feeling the dedication and passion that stand behind a brand which shares our values, and a commitment to us and society as a whole… these are the factors that make a brand truly exceptional. It is with these brands that we experience the deepest connections, and those we most intensively support.

This is the type of brand Pleij Salon aspires to be, and it is this aspiration that guides how we practice business, providing knowledge, inspired service, honest and transparent communication, all while we seek to enrich the lives of those we serve.

You see we believe that there is indeed a high road in business, that road focuses on consistency, long-term relationships and puts the interests of the client first. For Pleij Salon this is the only road, and we measure our success on a single metric, the satisfaction of our guests. We also realize that exceptional service comes from each individual within our organization, and through each and every interaction.

For Pleij Salon there is no such thing as mediocrity, and while passively satisfied clients may be acceptable to others, we seek to create enthusiastic, intensely loyal fans, who are passionate promoters of our brand. Our Service Guarantee, Retail Price Match Guarantee as well as our Referral Rewards Program serve as humble expressions of our commitment to our customers. In our opinion, a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. We are proud to care.


The thing that really motivates us is seeing clients leave the salon every day. Not only is there a smile on their face but there’s a new found confidence in their air, an elegance in their walk. Our guests leave feeling truly beautiful and when you can make someone feel that deservedly comfortable in their own skin, that’s when you know you’re doing something right.

At Pleij Salon we’re not only here to make the best of your appearance, but also to inspire your confidence and inner beauty.

We believe that beauty is different for everyone and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle. That is why we never mass produce but always tailor the look, considering our guests unique features and needs, when conceiving their services.

When it comes to hair, we never craft styles that simply wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.

Our skin professionals address every client’s skin condition individually, using proven techniques and the combination or all natural ingredients in our skincare products that are effective and simple to use making it possible for our guests to maintain their skin at home.

Realizing beauty – individual and practical – and helping our guests look and feel their best… this is our goal.


These are our values. They guide our behavior and act as the foundation for all our decisions, ensuring a common understanding of what we can expect from one another.


At the heart of every great beauty experience lies the relationship between professional and client. At Pleij Salon we believe that our people are our greatest asset and we seek to distinguish our venture through the professionalism, skill and artistry, as well as the warmth and courtesy of our people. We employ those who are talented, driven, creative and possess the ability to inspire and energize others. Professionals who are passionate about self improvement, health and wellness, and fostering an experience that is both memorable and enjoyable.


Quality starts with our people, and should be visible in every aspect of our company. For Pleij Salon there is no such thing as mediocrity, we promise to always deliver premium products, the most technically advanced services and treatments in the most luxurious environments, and in a manner that is best in class. We will seek to demonstrate our superiority with every aspect of our business. Being committed to quality means being able to see it in every detail of our organization.


Our salon’s ultra luxurious environment and atmosphere serves as a haven for relaxation and combined with our world-class service allows us to transform what would be a routine appointment into an extraordinary experience. Pleij Salon sets the standard for how beauty services are delivered in Central Ohio.


We value innovation, taking risk and boldly going where no company has gone before. The power of innovation comes from leveraging the creative minds and spirits of our people, at all levels of our organization. We embrace those people who have the courage to put forth new ideas and breathe new life into our company. Innovation is at the core of what we do.

These promises guide our everyday action, and ensure a common understanding of what you can expect from us.

What We Do

We set out to do something different…

We wanted to see if it could be done a better way…

We wanted to see if we could bring the most talented beauty professionals together from across disciplines to not only create one of the most revolutionary salons in the country, but to combine this with functional health and wellness services to pioneer an entirely new model that addresses beauty from it’s source and do it all in alignment with our mission, vision, and community.

This is the basis of Pleij Salon… a visionary yet intimate haven curated by our outstanding services in hair, beauty and health, all with an emphasis on you.

We offer a wide range of personalized services, all with the intention of curating the best possible version of you. Our salon services include hair cuts, color, highlighting, deep conditioning and scalp treatments, as well as hair restoration treatments and therapies. Our always evolving roster of spa services offer something for everyone, facials, manicures and pedicures, massage and acupuncture, body wraps, and more. Whether they’re therapeutic, corrective, or a little bit frivolous, our spa treatments are best in class.

From cuts to colors, bridal and event styling, makeup, brow and lash services, we will enhance your beauty. Your satisfaction and experience are our highest missions, as we strive to go above and beyond your beauty aspirations at every visit.

Everything we do is in service to the client—every client, every time.
Tiche' Florence - Owner

Why Pleij

Pleij Salon was founded on the common mission of caring for you, and the world around us. Our salon and spa teams are trained to serve your every need and expertly care for you. During your time with us, you’ll enjoy service enhancements that will relax and transport you, such as: Stress-Relieving Shampoo with a Deep Scalp Massage, a warm, aromatic towel; a sensory journey with Elemental Natur aromas to enliven the senses; a stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulders massage; a luxurious hand massage; makeup finishing touch or a Pure-Fume application to remind you of your salon/spa experience!

Our salon professionals are continually educated on the latest trends and techniques to transform your look with styles inspired by the fashion runways from around the world. Our spa professionals also undergo regular training to stay informed of latest advancements in body and skin care so they can practice the art of healing, rejuvenating and refreshing the mind, body, and spirit. Our professionals understand how to listen to your needs and provide you with a thorough consultation so you can be comfortable and confident during your salon/spa experience.

Our full line of products allows you to re-create your salon/spa experience or look at home. Our products are proven to have powerful results, all while protecting and preserving our environment.

Health + Wellness

Far beyond a traditional spa, our restoration services include advanced hair restorative treatments and therapies, as well as a health and wellness program designed to help you address underlying health issues, improve your quality of life and achieve optimal wellness. Our outward appearance (hair and skin quality, body composition, muscle tone, etc.) is a reflection of our inner health and wellness, and “beauty” is the unity of the two. Our program entails supporting core systems thereby restoring balance and allowing the body to heal, and return to normal function.

Imagine if you could fine tune your metabolism to accelerate fat loss, increase your energy levels, enhance detoxification, improve cognitive performance and get to the root of aging, effectively delaying the process. These are just some of the benefits of Nourish Balance Thrive™, an advanced wellness program that is designed to help nourish your body, balance your hormones, blood sugar, neurotransmitters, and your bodies core systems all so you can maximize function and thrive. At Pleij Salon we seek to assist you in achieving your appearance related goals not simply through beauty related services, but by providing you with the tools and knowledge to maximize your health.

epiCUREan™ is our in house café and our expression of health and wellness through food. Specializing in gourmet snacks and cuisine including ready-to-eat take home meals, as well as smoothies, juices and other beverages. epiCUREan was founded on the idea that a healthy diet is the foundation to vibrant health and beauty. We embody the belief that food is functional and healing, and make it easy to eat well.

True Luxury

The word “luxury” has become ubiquitous and while some brands maintain the standards of luxury. Others do not; they imitate.

But what is luxury? We believe that modern luxury is about being, not having. That things we do shape who we are, the lifestyle we lead, and the choices we make. That luxury consumption has become interlinked with identity, self-expression and lifestyle, and as luxury consumers we want newness and to have a sense of discovery as we seek to support brands that support us and share our values.

We also believe that a visit to the spa should be more than just a great service or treatment, it should be a great “experience”. From the moment you arrive, you will realize Pleij Salon is like no other.

Pleij was created to give you the ultimate sense of escape, rejuvenation and indulgence. Our ultra luxurious environment serves as a haven for relaxation, transforming a routine appointment into an extraordinary experience. And while the look of the salon sets the tone for an exceptional experience, it is the friendly, personal and attentive service of our exceptionally talented professionals that truly make our salon one of a kind.

Unparalleled service has no imitators and at Pleij Salon we seek to set the standard for how beauty services are delivered.



Find Your Perfect Match


Find the Beauty Specialist that’s right for you. We offer clients a place to discover a new beauty specialist from our professionals online profiles. Here you can search basic on your specific need(s), read the profiles of your matches, review examples of their work, and review testimonials to help you find your perfect match. Click on the service fields above to start your search, use the link below, or call us and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with the right professional and assist you in scheduling your appointment.



Premium Eco-Friendly Products

We offer the industry’s finest selection of sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly hair, skin and beauty related products and services to help our guests feel as good on the inside as we make them look on the outside.

These include decadently effective shampoos, conditioners, treatments, stylers, makeup and skincare products which have been formulated with your health in mind.

At Pleij, our goal is to ensure our products will benefit our guests through exceptional performance, while we deliver our continued promise of environmental and social responsibility.

Our products are formulated without parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate.