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Posted by Tiché Florence | 14 August 2019
Introducing the Tight-Line Hair Extension Method

Introducing the Tight-Line Hair Extension Method™ Not a fad technique, simply braided extensions like you've never seen before The Tight-Line Method™ by S. George is the ONLY hair extension method that is proven to be damage-free. NO Glue, NO Beads, NO Tape. Simply hair & thread. You may have heard about the hassles & struggles...

Makeup Trends

Posted by Drew Abbas | 29 July 2019
The Insider’s Guide To Eyelash Extensions

The Insider's Guide To Eyelash Extensions Almost every gal wants to have long, full, fluttery eyelashes. Many of us struggle with finding the right mascara and find putting on strip lashes a pain. If you like the idea of instantly longer and thicker eyelashes, semi-permanent lash extensions—no longer reserved exclusively for A-listers or the red...

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