Infinity Sunless Tanning

Since inception, Infinity Sun has quickly become known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the Sunless Tanning industry. Known for delivering technology that is Best-in-Class, Infinity Sun combines sunless tanning with high end skin care. our solutions use the highest grade self tanners and are enriched with antioxidants and botanicals to leave the skin hydrated. Its unique plug and spray technology allows the technician to adjust and customize how dark you want to go. With Infinity Sun you get the perfect glow for you every time!

Single Session

We use our ever so popular bronze solution.
Leaving you with a just got back from CABO glow


Shimer Shot

Add an instant extra glimmer to your tan. The shimmer will rinse out with water so we suggest coming back in the next day once tan is set in OR try THE BOMB package.


The Bomb

Infinity Sun natural anti aging Ultra Dark Rapid sunless body solution leaves you with a beautiful bronze tan that develops quickly in 1-2 hours. Leave it on for up to 12 hours for deeper darker results.

Finish with a shimmer shot.


2 Pack          $55

4 Pack          $110

6 Pack          $160