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Bulletproof COFFEE & GHEE KIT

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Coffee, Brain Octane Oil, and Grass-Fed Ghee

What’s included IN THIS KIT?

  • 1 Grass-Fed Ghee – 13.5 oz
  • 1 Brain Octane Oil – 16 oz.
  • 1 Bag of Bulletproof Coffee – 12oz (The Original, Mentalist or French Kick in Ground or Whole Bean)

Pairs with: Upgraded Collagen

How to Use ItHow to Make Bulletproof Coffee (Video) & Ghee vs. Butter

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Bulletproof Coffee & Ghee Kit

Coffee, Brain Octane Oil, and Grass-Fed Ghee


  • √ Blend Grass-Fed Ghee and Brain Octane oil in freshly brewed Upgraded Coffee for improved performance and energy
  • √ Grass-Fed Ghee is 100% pure, delicious butterfat from grass-fed cows
  • √ Brain Octane is your go-to fuel source for mental and physical performance
  • √ Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • √ 100% Arabica coffee
  • √ Single-origin estate coffee grown at high altitudes
  • √ Upgraded Coffee is third-party tested to meet stringent Bulletproof standards



  • 1 jar of Grass-Fed Ghee (13.5 oz.)
  • 1 bottle Brain Octane Oil (16 oz.)
  • 1 bag of Bulletproof Coffee (12 oz.)

Overview & Benefits

Grass-Fed Ghee

Bulletproof Ghee is thoughtfully produced in the traditional Ayurvedic method by slowly heating grass-fed butter over an open flame, carefully removing the moisture and milk solids resulting in pure, clarified butterfat that preserves only the best parts of butter.

Naturally gluten-free and non-GMO, Grass-Fed Ghee is the perfect expression of buttery goodness. As versatile as it is delicious, try it drizzled over any food to upgrade your meal and power your day.

Grass-fed Ghee’s high smoke point of 485°F make it great for nearly any cooking application, and all around pantry staple. This means your ghee-cooked foods, like roasted veggies, will not have oxidative damage that other, less stable cooking fats might. Cook, roast, bake, spread, drizzle, sauté, rub, glaze, brush … you get the picture. The uses of Grass-Fed Ghee are endless.

Upgraded™ Coffee

The proprietary Bulletproof Process optimizes every step of coffee production for performance by minimizing the opportunity for performance-robbing toxins. Bulletproof® Upgraded Coffee Beans are meticulously grown at high altitude on single estates in Guatemala, hand-harvested, carefully processed, handled and roasted to maintain maximum integrity and flavor. The final roast then undergoes proprietary lab testing to verify that our coffee meets the Bulletproof quality and purity standards.

Bulletproof Brain Octane

Brain Octane is naturally found in coconut oil in small quantities, and we concentrate it to provide you with the purest energy source possible. Brain Octane rapidly provides mental and physical energy, powering your day by supporting cognitive function and keeping you satisfied and free from food cravings. Add it to your daily routine, and experience the state of high performance.

As soon as you consume Brain Octane, it is rapidly absorbed and changed into ketone bodies – providing instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from sugars or carbohydrates. Brain Octane produces 4x the ketone energy of plain coconut oil, and also has potent anti-microbial effects that help support healthy digestion and immune function.

Experience the power of using quality fats for fuel, keeping you full and focused for hours.


Bulletproof coffee is carefully produced and lab tested using the Bulletproof Process™ to minimize toxins, so you can enjoy a pure cup of coffee worry-free.

Upgraded beans are harvested in Central America from passive organic estates without chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.). Each bean is hand-picked by experienced coffee harvesters – skilled people who only pick perfectly ripe berries. When the coffee beans are not carefully hand-harvested, the beans can be mistakenly picked unripe and damaged, which impacts the taste and can possibly affect the way it makes you feel.

Most coffee beans are left in the sun to wither and dry, or by pressing them and letting them ferment (spoil) to remove the outer layer of the bean. Both of these processing techniques are known to produce significant levels of performance-robbing mold-toxins.

After they pick the ripest cherries, they use the proprietary Bulletproof Process to create a special class of green coffee bean with minimized levels of harmful molds, bacteria, and toxins. The beans are then medium roasted in small batches in the United States under the strictest conditions, which minimize the formation of toxins from the roasting process. Roasting the beans enhances their naturally occurring antioxidant capacity and flavor to provide you with a cup of coffee that has a minimized level of performance-robbing mold-toxins.

Directions & Use


Bulletproof Coffee is becoming wildly popular for several reasons:

Makes you feel energized, alert, and focused

The XCT oil in Bulletproof Coffee can support fat burning

It’s made with high quality unsalted grass-fed butter, so it tastes great and provides important fatty acids like CLA.

Drink Bulletproof(R) Coffee for a high-performance day:

1. Start with 8 fl oz (237 ml) of filtered water, fresh off the boil.

2. Add 2 1/2 tablespoons (37 ml) freshly ground Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans and brew using your favorite method.

3. If you’re new to Bulletproof Coffee, add 1 tablespoon (5 ml) Bulletproof Brain Octane to 8 oz (237 ml) of hot coffee. Gradually increase the amount each day as desired to reach 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) per cup.

4. Add 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) grass-fed, unsalted butter. See Why Butter Is Good For You.

5. Mix it all in a blender for 20-30 seconds until it is frothy.

Feel the Bulletproof difference with your first cup.

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