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Step 1: Use The Neo-Powder Brush to apply The Neo-Limelight .

Step 2: To achieve a soft glow to the skin, use the angled portion of the brush to pick up the lightest color of the palette and apply to cheekbones, browbone, bridge of nose and cupids bow.

Step 3: Achieve a “pinkish” hue to the cheeks, by applying the middle color of the palette with The Neo-Powder Brush. Pick up the right amount by using the center of the brush.

Step 4: To achieve a “lavender, opalescent” look, sweep The Neo-Powder Brush across the palette and apply on cheekbones or areas you want to add a lavender glow. Build powder for desired highlight intensity.

PRO TIPS1. You can use The Neo-Limelight powder on the eyes and even on the lips to create a shimmery glow.

2. Use The Neo-Limelight with The Small Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Brush damp to add more “intensity.”



Step 1: To achieve a natural satin finish, use The Angled Foundation Brush and press The Neo-Highlighter into skin. This will create good, even coverage.

Step 2: Use The Neo-Powder Brush with the middle shade of the palette to create a soft translucent glow to the skin.

Step 3: Create a soft highlighted glow by finishing your look with one swipe of all three shades of The Neo-Highlighter. Use The Neo-Powder Brush and gently sweep the product across your cheekbones. Make sure to shake off excess product pick up before application.

Step 4: Apply The Expert Mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Step 5: Apply The Sculpting Powder in Medium to the hollows of the cheeks with The Contour Brush.

PRO TIPS1. Using The Base/Shadow Brush, apply The Neo-Highlighter as an eyeshadow base.

2. Seal any lipstick by patting the The Neo-Highlighter on top of your lipstick. Blot with a tissue and dab on an additional layer. This will add a subtle sheen to the lips and make your lip color long wearing.