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An interior is the natural projection of the soul. – Coco Chanel  We believe that modern luxury is all about attitude: being, not having


The word luxury has become ubiquitous and while some brands maintain the standards of luxury. Others do not; they imitate.

We believe a visit to the salon should be more than just a great service or treatment, it should be a great “experience” and from the moment you arrive, you will realize Pleij Salon is like no other.

With Pleij Salon, we sought to not only create an ultra luxurious environment in which we could enhance our guests’ physical appearance as well as their inner confidence, allowing them to emerge as a force of pure allure, more stylish and sensual, and more powerfully themselves than they ever thought possible. But an intimate sanctuary which would allow us attune to our guests’ unique needs and desires, providing extraordinary service, experience, and results above and beyond expectations. Here we seek to restore the balance of inner and outer beauty, by de-stressing and re-energizing the body and spirit.

Great thought was given to the selection of our location, the development and layout of our facility, as well as the offerings which encompass our extensive service menu. We considered a host of factors including: our clientele, their convenience and desire for efficiency, as well as the time commitment and cost involved with having hair, skin / makeup, nail and/or massage services performed at multiple locations. We envisioned an easier way for men and women juggling careers, family, friends, and social calendars… those with limited time and tight schedules, looking to make the most of their well deserved PLEIJ TIME.

Far beyond a traditional salon and spa, our service menu extends to include health and wellness services, as well as hair restoration treatments and therapies. While wellness has emerged as a main area of focus in luxury living, the simple fact is our outward appearance (hair and skin quality, body composition, muscle tone, etc.) is a reflection of our inner health and wellness, and “beauty” is the unity of the two. Through this understanding we offer a health and wellness program designed to help you address underlying health issues, improve your quality of life and achieve optimal wellness. Imagine if you could fine tune your metabolism to accelerate fat loss, increase your energy levels, enhance detoxification, improve cognitive performance and get to the root of aging and effectively delay the process. These are just some of the benefits of Nourish Balance Thrive, our personal wellness program that is designed to help nourish your body, balance your hormones, blood sugar, neurotransmitters, and your bodies core systems so you can maximize function and thrive. At Pleij Salon we seek to assist you in achieving your appearance related goals not simply through beauty related services, but by providing you with the tools and knowledge to maximize your health.

epiCUREan™ is our in house café and our expression of health and wellness through food. Specializing in gourmet snacks and cuisine including ready-to-eat take home meals, as well as smoothies, juices and other beverages. epiCUREan was founded on the idea that a healthy diet is the foundation to vibrant health and beauty. We embody the belief that food is functional and healing, and make it easy to eat well.

Pleij was created to give you the ultimate sense of escape, rejuvenation, and indulgence. While our ultra luxurious environment serves as a haven for relaxation, transforming a routine appointment into an extraordinary experience, it is actually the friendly, personal and attentive service of our exceptionally talented professionals that truly make Pleij Salon one of a kind. Unparalleled service has no imitators and at Pleij Salon we set the standard for how beauty services are delivered.





While health and wellness have emerged as a main area of focus in luxury living, the conversation around them is shifting toward incorporating wellness into our lives more organically. Self-care, reduces stress levels, while improving relaxation, mental clarity, and overall health which in turn can have positive effects ranging from greater feelings of enjoyment, energy, vitality, restoration, and self-esteem.

Beautiful black and white photography depicting     lifestyle, as well as fashion and beauty, fill the walls of the space. Several pieces were provided by Central Ohio based artists and photographers, including…   . To add to the home environment, Tiche’ and her staff have also provided family photographs to fill the studio. Located at the popular Sunset Plaza, this location follows EDEN’s large sized footprint that has 10 hair stations, 4 makeup stations and 4 manicure stations.


“I like the idea of exposing art to the everyday world,” said Birchler. “Our clients anticipate the new artwork as well as our gallery openings, which are one part dance party and two parts art reception.” Installer every six weeks – about the time it takes for lowlights to grow out – Birchler personally hangs the art and reconfigures the freestanding stylist stations to accomodate each new exhibit. When it comes to philosophy, Tiche’s haircuts are a wearable work of art: each creation befits the unique physique and style of the client.