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The Metagenics Difference

Metagenics, literally “beyond genetics,” was established in 1983 by the pioneers of the Functional Medicine movement. The company’s founders began with a revolutionary idea—our genes do not pre-determine our health potential, and through nutrition, we can impact how our genes express themselves, thereby influencing our health and the quality of life we lead. Today, this concept continues to be validated by leading scientific research. As the foundation of the organization, it is embodied by their tagline: “genetic potential through nutrition.”

Over the last three decades, the company’s dedication to scientific discovery, unparalleled quality, and transparency have positioned them as an industry leader in lifestyle functional nutrition. Today, they are spearheading the movement to make nutritional intervention a first line therapy in the prevention and management of disease, and the promotion of optimal health. They recognize healthcare providers understand the needs of their patients best, and they offer—through high quality, scientifically supported products and education—solutions that deliver improved patient outcomes.

The Metagenics difference is apparent in more than it’s values and vision—it is also visible in how they carry out their business practices. They back their products with robust scientific evidence and clinical studies, and are committed to transparent, clean labels. They use only the purest ingredients and are committed to non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Vegetarian products. They go above and beyond to ensure those with allergies or food sensitivities can be confident in their labels and they frequently test their products to ensure product purity and potency, and to guarantee taste and tolerance is optimal. Finally, they are dedicated to providing only the best and most relevant education for their healthcare providers and delivering easy-to-use tools to support communication with their patients.

With a heritage of breakthrough science, innovative products, unsurpassed quality, education, and practitioner partnerships, it is clear why so many healthcare providers worldwide trust Metagenics over any other professional brand.

How is your lifestyle and environment impacting your health and wellness?

The story of your health is more complex than genetic programming, as it is ultimately determined by the dynamic interplay of your lifestyle and environment activating and deactivating your genes creating the “you” of this moment.

Thus the goal is to activate your good genes, while deactivating your bad genes to express optimal health?

Metagenics is dedicated to celebrating and harnessing the uniqueness of the individual.


Your genome is your book of life. It tells the story of your inherited traits. Like any book, the way it is read makes all the difference.


The nutrients in healthy foods and supplements work synergistically to help your cells express good health, allowing you to tap into the flexibility of your genes.


Every choice matters… the amount of physical activity you fit into your day, your sleep, the way you manage stress, each decision influences the way your body expresses your genetic traits.


Your practitioner speaks the language of health. They can decode the unique signs and signals your body sends to help you harness the power of Lifestyle Medicine.

With their targeted professional grade formulas Metagenics enables you to support your overall health and wellness. 







Enabling you to achieve your genetic potential.