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Hairskeen Hair Replacement Reviews – Columbus, Ohio

We wanted to share a few testimonials from some of our recent Hairskeen clients.

We love to give credit where credit is due, and it’s certainly due here!

Tiche Florence is not only our in house Hairskeen Specialist, but she is also one of Ohio’s top hair stylist’s and the owner of PLEIJ Salon + Spa. Tiche is a regular on local area TV and does a great job of shooting her own portfolio work. She is an award winning Master stylist and is highly sought after for her dynamic talent and skills. Tiche specializes in hair extensions (including Natural Beaded Rows (NBR), SKW Extensions, Tight-Line Hair Extensions, Keratin Extensions, Microlink, Micro-Point, Polymer Links, Sew0Ins and Tape-Ins), advanced hair restoration techniques, wigs and hair pieces for both men and women (including Hairskeen Hair systems), coloring and color corrections, and bridal work. Advanced cutting techniques coupled with head-turning color; her fashion designs are sure to impress and enhance every client’s total image. PLEIJ (pronounced Play) is located in the trendy Polaris Fashion Place area in Columbus, Ohio with a gorgeous salon and spa with a great team of stylist’s. Tiche has been working with Hairskeen since nearly the beginning of Hairskeen’s entrance to the USA. She was so impressed with Hairskeen’s technology and how it makes people look and feel, she made this amazing video.

Hairskeen Hair System Client Reviews

Before we launch into the video, it’s more important that we talk about the client’s who have had their hair replaced with Hairskeen. These are quotes directly from her client testimonials:

Derrick Dixon writes:

“After many years of progressive hair loss and extensive research I discovered the Hairskeen system offered by PLEIJ Salon and local expert Tiche Florence. I tried all the typical hair “growth” options, and then was about to pull the trigger on the ARTAS hair surgery option, but could not get over the price, nor the fact it would be months before any bit of fuzz would start to grow. I want results today, not next year!

For certain, there was trepidation in the days leading up to my actual appointment as I didn’t have much hair left through the middle and the crown, and having it shaved would still be shock.

Tiche knows this is a really big step for a man to take and her approach of explaining each step, combined with her patience, never rushed and pausing for positive reinforcement,  steadily turned my trepidation into excitement over the notion of once again having a full head of style-able hair.

I’ve had the “system” in place for two weeks now and could not be more thrilled. Maintenance is modest, you just have to realize your new hair is it’s own thing, and needs care a bit different that what you were born with. All so easy though and the upside benefits are stunning. My wife has commented that I look 20 years younger, friends are shocked and cannot believe the the results! Now when I catch myself in a mirror I don’t turn away over self consciousness about my hair, but rather take a little longer glance to appreciate both what I now have, and for the fantastic work done by Tiche.

Men out there, set a time to get a Hairskeen consultation with Tiche to learn more. It’s an immediate life changer, worth every penny and worth the time to give the modest attention needed to keep the system looking great. Ramon is an artist!”

Mike Stevens writes:

“Tiche has changed my look and my confidence which was pretty much in ruins before finding her salon and this system. I’ve always been very social but began noticing that I was kind of being left out on invites within my circle of friends. On the job front, I wasn’t being considered for promotions or new assignments. It never occurred to me that it was my look, and my diminished confidence that were contributing to this. I was lucky enough to find Pleij Salon and scheduled a consultation with Tiche. She walked me through my options and what she wanted to do with my look and explained the very personalized service I could expect. We changed the style and the color, she also showed me how to achieve the same look on my own on a daily basis. WOW, the change was dramatic and immediate, I noticed the extra smile from the bartender and people striking up a conversation with me, even asking for my number. I interviewed for a new job and landed a spot on the first attempt. If your look needs help, go see Tiche, you won’t be sorry, Tiche honestly changed my life! “

Danielle  Decaro writes:

Tiche totally transformed my husband!! My husband had another hairpiece that was awful, he looked in his mid 60’s despite being in his early 50’s! With Tiche’s help, my husband was transformed. The hair was colored to light brown with his beard trimmed and colored as well. He dropped at least 15 years and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! If I could post pictures I would… men would be flocking there more than they are now! THANK YOU Tiche!”

The Full Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Process

In this video, you will see Tiche work her Hairskeen magic – it’s a glimpse into the full hair replacement process using one of the thin skin Hairskeen Hair systems. Her client is like most men who choose Hairskeen – struggling with hair loss. They start with a thinning head of hair and, with Hairskeen, transform it into a high fashion hairstyle. You will see the start (thinning hair), middle (measuring up the Hairskeen hair system and application), and the final cut in and styling of the hair. This all happens in about 60 seconds on the video. In real-time it takes about two hours after the initial consultation.

Incredible, Natural, Undetectable, Affordable Non-Surgical Hair Systems

The results are nothing less than incredible and usual.

I say they are incredible and usual because:

  1. Incredible – it never ceases to amaze us how good a person looks with hair, especially in Hairskeen hair. Our hair systems are very sophisticated and they create the most natural hairline available today. It really does look like it’s growing from the scalp. People always comment how they never thought it would look this good! Our hair systems have a natural amount of hair (not too thick and not too thin) with a graduated hairline – thinner on the front edge and gradually getting thicker) and the hair looks and behaves just like natural hair – or at least very close to it.

  2. Usual – I say usual because this hair transformation isn’t unique, it’s not a once-off, it’s not even uncommon. Rather, this is the bread and butter of what we do. Every day we transform men’s lives by creating undetectable, natural-looking hair. Our hair systems are the best in their class, so we are able to produce reliable, reproducible results like this every day. Multiple times a day, in fact, thousands of times a day all over the world! Improving people’s appearance and self-esteem never gets old, it’s always a privilege to be a part of the transformation process.

Ultra-thin Skin Hair Systems

In this video, Tiche’s team is using one of Hairskeen’s ultra-thin skin hair systems however, they have several models available to choose from. They are the most technologically advanced system in the market today.


  1. Individual hair implantation – many hair systems have up to three or four hairs implanted with a knot (looks like a dot) at the root. Hairskeen’s ultra-thin skin hair systems are all single and individual hair strands implanted to replicate natural hair growth. It gives a true hair-to-skin result. It also means the hair behaves far more naturally, it has the freedom to move around rather than often being fixed into position like other systems.

  2. Ultra hold hair implantation technology – most of Hairskeen’s skin systems utilize a v-loop technology. If you are new to this, this simply means that there is no “knot” or “dot” you will see on the scalp. The hair is implanted in by hand, not a machine, one hair strand at a time – it takes many days to create one of their systems. This provides the truest and most perfect hair-to-skin looks. However, in the past and with other hair systems, it means hair sheds quickly as there was nothing to hold it in place – it would only last a few days or weeks before the hairs started to shed. Hairskeen has overcome this with their ultra-hold implantation technology. Today, their systems will last many months, not just days.

  3. Multiple options – we know that people are are individuals, and they like to have their hair look the way they like it to look. Not how someone else might like it to look. Therefore, Hairskeen created a range of thin-skinned systems with varying hair densities and even skin textures to help it’s certified stylists create the look you want. Hairskeen realizes there are some people who want to have a very full, thick Pompadour style – not like Elvis, but the ‘now’ look of men’s hair. They also know there are others who would prefer to look like they still have thinning hair, with a sparser, thinner look throughout. For them, it’s essential to see the scalp through the hair so it doesn’t look that different from before they had the hair system. For this reason, Hairskeen created hair systems that can be easily customized to each person’s needs regardless of your walk of life.

  4. Quality Hair – the final thing that sets Hairskeen hair systems apart from the rest is hair quality. Hairskeen pays more for their systems to ensure they have the best quality hair in its class. This means that the hair looks more natural, behaves more natural, it performs better, and the color lasts longer. While their systems may cost more than those offered by other companies, it’s because theirs are better, and you get what you pay for with these systems.

  5. Breathable – Hairskeen’s thin skin hair systems have been lab-tested and they are proven to be breathable. This is very important for the natural functioning of the skin on the scalp, keeping you cool and maintaining adhesion between your scalp and the hair piece. Hairskeen takes great pride in this achievement.

Join the Movement: work with the Best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Provider in Ohio

PLEIJ Salon’s mission is to bring this remarkable technology to men who are experiencing hair loss.. Men no longer have to suffer with hair loss or hair loss treatments that don’t work.

We invite you to schedule your confidential hair replacement consultation today. Meet with Tiché Florence, our certified trichologist and hair restoration specialist at our state-of-the-art hair replacement center in Columbus, Ohio. There is no charge or obligation! We will provide you with complete information regarding causes of baldness and specific treatment or hair replacement options tailored to your individual situation and lifestyle.

Each of our hair restoration procedures is custom designed for your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you are just starting to experience hair loss, or are in the most advanced stages, we can help with our full range of professional treatment options.

If you want to see more examples of our work, please visit the gallery portion of our page for more Hairskeen hair transformations.

Request a Hair Loss Consultation

To learn more about about the hair loss causes, prevention, and suitable solutions SCHEDULE A HAIR LOSS / RESTORATION CONSULTATION with one of our Trichologist / Hair Restoration Specialists.

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